Week 3 Fitness Tips

Week 3

Did you know: You can’t spot burn fat

On a regular basis a fitness instructor will be told “I want to have an exercise for my arms so I can lose the fat on the back of my arms” or “what exercise should I do to burn fat off my stomach and bum”

Well sorry to tell you but you CAN’T spot burn fat. No matter what exercise you perform there is no guarantee as to which area the body will go to burn fat, which is why it is best to ditch the isolation exercise and stick with the compound multi joint movements such as squats, chest press, cleans etc. Along with a good Cardio programme these movements will work large muscle groups and activate your metabolism to help burn the most fat.

….So ask your Instructor for some exercises you can incorporate to your programme to help Burn away the body fat.

Health and fitness:  Warm up, cool down

There are too many trainers in the gym that refuse to do their warm up and cool down as they think it’s a waste of time, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

The warm up is there to safely and gradually raise your heart rate, it also safely redirects blood away from other parts of the body (e.g. the digestive tract) to the muscle you will be working so they have a sufficient supply of oxygen. It also helps mentally prepare you for the vigorous training ahead.

The cool down will help unwind after a hard training session, it is designed to gradually lower your heart rate back to normal and safely redirect the blood back to the other parts of the body. The cool down will also prevent the build up of lactic acid and blood pooling around the muscles.

So don’t skip these vital parts of your programme 5-10 minutes for each is all that is needed!!!

Nutrition Tip: The right food, at the right time

Macronutrients (Carbs, Protein and Fats) make up the main bulk of our diet however there is always confusion among trainers as to which is the most important and which they need to consume the most/least of to achieve their goals. So without getting too scientific here are some tips on your diet.

 Have a breakfast high in protein to help ignite your metabolism and refuel the body after a long night of fasting. Whey protein is fast digesting and should be consumed first thing in the morning and first thing after training, casein is a slow digesting protein and should be consumed before training and last thing before bed.

 Carbs are not the enemy when consumed at the right time. The right carbs are there to provide your body with a steady release of fuel and energy, so consume the carbs with a low GI number on the GI scale (Glycemic Index scale) e.g brown rice, brown pasta, and wholemeal bread with your meal. Begin to reduce the amount of carbs you intake as the day goes on until you completely phase them out come late evening (7-8 o clock)

 Fats are just as important, there are a variety of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that can only be transported around the body in fats, so without this your body will not receive the vitamins and minerals your are consuming. Fats such as Omega 3 found in fish oil are a great addition to your diet.

Exercise of the week: Squat, Press-up, Thrust and Jump (Super Burpee)

If you are looking for that one movement that can hit multiple muscle groups at once and get that heart rate racing then this is the one for you. The Super Burpee will help improve your core stability, your explosive power in the legs while working the endurance of your Chest and Triceps…. and let’s not forget the effect it will have on your cardiovascular and respiratory system.

This movement has it all and requires no equipment just your own bodyweight. However if you think you are up for the challenge add in some dumbbells to really test that explosive jump at the end.

Try this:- (Working at maximum effort, with 30 second rest between sets)
Week 1: 3 Sets of 30 second intervals
Week 2: 3 Sets of 40 second intervals
Week 3: 4 Sets of 40 second intervals
Week 4: 3 Sets of 60 Second intervals

Give it a go, and let us know what you think!!!